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the joke exceedingly. Anne thought his triumph over Stephen rather too long. At last however, he was able to in::vite her upstairs, & stepping before hersaid — "I shall will just go up withyou myself & shew you in — I cannotstay, because I must go to the P.Post office, but if you will only sit down for 5 minutes I am sure Sophy willcome. and you will find nobodyto disturb you — there is nobody butFrederick here —" opening the door ashe spoke. — Such a person to be paſsedover as a Nobody to her! — After beingallowed to feel quite secure — indifferent —at her ease, to have it burst on her that she was to be the next momentin the same room with him! —No time for recollection! — for plan::ning behaviour, or regulating man::ners! — There was time only to turnpale, before she had paſsed through the door, & met the astonished eyes of Capt .Captain W.Wentworth who was sitting by in thefire, pretending to read & prepared for pretence of Reading & preparing tono greater surprise than be surprised only by the Admiral'shasty return. — Equally unexpectedwas the meeting, on each side. — There was nothing to be done however, butto stifle feelings & be quietly polite; — and the Admiral was too much on the

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