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Chapter 11.

to hear Who can want anything fur::ther? Who can be in doubt ofwhat followed? When any twoyoung People take it into their heads to marry, they are pretty sureby perseverance to carry their point — bear down all opposition — be they ever so poor, or ever so imprudent, or ever solittle likely to be neceſsary to each other's ultimate comfort. This may be bad morality to conclude with,but I beleive it to be Truth and if such parties succeed, howshould a CaptCaptain W —Wentworth & an Anne EElliot fail, with the advantage of maturityof Mind, consciousneſs of Right, &one his Independant Fortune betweenthem,fail of bearing down every oppo:sition? They might in fact, have born down a great deal more than they met with, for therewas little to distreſs them beyondthe want of Graciousneſs and Warmth.Sir W.Walter made no objection, & Elizth -Elizabeth did nothing worse than look cold& unconcerned. — Capt.Captain W —Wentworth with£25,000 — & as high in his

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