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Profeſsion as Merit & Activitycd -could place him, was no longer nobody. He was now esteemed quite worthyto addreſs the Daughter of a foolishspendthrift Baronet, who had nothad Principle or sense enough tomaintain himself in the Situation in which Providence had placed him,& who cd .could give his Daughter buta small part of the Share of tenThousand pounds which must beher's hereafter. — Sir Walter indeedtho'though he had no affection for his DaughterAnne & no vanity flattered to make him really happy on the occasion,was very far from thinking itherato be making a bad match for her.

[Deleted ]

As he saw & conversed withmore ofCapt .CaptainW.Wentworth, more,1saw his complexionhim by daylight —& conversedwith him, & perceived inby such[conversa]tion that his Teeth were[as fine] as ever. —[remark]ably fine — he co[uld not]but feel that in any pre[sent][compa]ri::son2 with Anne, Capt.CaptainW.Wentworth musthave the advantage, that he hadlost much leſs of Youth & bloomsince former days than she had,and that consequently he might now

[End of deleted]

a bad match for her. – On the contrarywhen he saw more of Capt.CaptainW. —Wentworthsawhim by daylight & eyed him well, he was very much struck by his perso::nal claims & felt that hisSuperiority of appearance might be not unfairlybalanced against her superiority ofRank; — And all this,together with hiswell-sounding name; together, ena::bled Sir W.Walter at last to prepare his pen with a very good grace forthe insertion of the MarriageF. W. Esqre - Post Capt.of H M's Navy in his Bar chosen volume.in the volume of Honour.


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