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 pictures of Clergymen. —

Miſs Bigg — on reading it a second time, liked Miſs Bates muchbetter than at first, & expreſsed herself as liking all the peopleof Highbury in general, except Harriet Smith — but cd .could nothelp still thinking her too silly in her Loves.

The family at Upton Gray — all very much amused with it. – MiſsBates a great favourite with Mrs . Beaufoy.

Mr & Mrs . Leigh Perrot — saw many beauties in it, but cd ..could notthink it equal to P. & P. — Darcy & Elizth -Elizabeth had spoilt them foranything else. — Mr . K. however, an excellent Character; Emmabetter luck than a Matchmaker often has. — Pitied JaneFairfax – thought Frank Churchill better treated than hedeserved.

Counteſs Craven — admired it very much, but did not think it equal toP & P. — which she ranked as the very first of its' sort.

Mrs . Guiton — thought it too natural to be interesting.

Mrs . Digweed — did not like it so well as the others, in fact if she hadnot known the Author, could hardly have got through it.

Miſs Terry — admired it very much, particularly Mrs . Elton.

Henry Sanford — very much pleased with it — delighted with MiſsBates, but thought Mrs . Elton the best drawn Character inthe Book. – Mansfield Park however, still his favourite.

Mr . Haden —quite delighted with it. Admired the Character ofEmma. —

Miſs Isabella Herries — did not like it — objected to my exposingthe sex in the character of the Heroine — convinced thatI had meant Mrs . & Miſs Bates for some acquaintance oftheirs — People whom I never heard of before. —

Miſs Harriet Moore — admired it very much, but M. P. stillher favourite of all. —

Counteſs Morley — delighted with it. —

Mr . Cockerell — liked it so little, that Fanny wd .would not sendme his opinion. —

Mrs . Dickson — did not much like it — thought it very inferior

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