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Opinions of Emma.

Captn .Captain Austen. — liked it extremely, observing that though theremight be more Wit in P & P —. & an higher Morality inMP — yet altogether, on account of its' peculiar air ofNature throughout, he preferred it to either.

Mrs . F. A. — liked & admired it very much indeed, but must stillprefer P. & P.

Mrs . J. Bridges — preferred it to all the others.

Miſs Sharp – better than MP. — but not so well as P. & P. — pleasedwith the Heroine for her Originality, delighted with Mr . K —& called Mrs . Elton beyond praise. – diſsatisfied with Jane Fairfax.

Caſsandra — better than P. & P. — but not so well as M. P. —

Fanny K. — not so well as either P. & P. or M P. — could not bearEmma herself. — Mr . Knightley delightful. — Should likeJ. F. – if she knew more of her. —

Mr . & Mrs . J. A. — did not like it so well as either of the 3 others.Language different from the others; not so easily read.

Edward. — preferred it to M P. —only. Mr . K. liked by everybody.

Miſs Bigg — not equal to either P & P. — or MP. — objectedto the sameneſs of the subject (Match-making) – allthrough. — Too much of Mr . Elton & H. Smith. Language superiorto the others. —

My Mother — thought it more entertaining than PMP.1 — but not sointeresting as P. & P. — No characters in it equal to Ly Catherine& Mr . Collins.

Miſs Lloyd —thought it as clever as either of the others, but did not receive somuch pleasure from it as from P. & P — & MP. —

Mrs & Miſs Craven — liked it very much, but not so much asthe others. —

Fanny Cage — liked it very much indeed & claſsed it betweenP & P. — & MP. —

Mr . Sherer — did not think it equal to either MP — (which heliked the best of all) or P & P. — Displeased with my


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