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 to P. & P. — Liked it the leſs, from there being a Mr . & Mrs . Dixonin it. —

Mrs . Brandreth — thought the 3d . vol:volume superior to anything I hadever written — quite beautiful! —

Mr . B. Lefroy thought that if there had been more Incident, itwould be equal to any of the others. – The Characters quite aswell drawn & supported as in any, & from being more Every--day ones, the more entertaining. — Did not like the Heroineso well as any of the others. Miſs Bates excellent, but ra::ther too much of her. Mr . & Mrs . Elton admirable & JohnKnightley a sensible Man. —

Mrs . B. Lefroy — rank'dranked Emma as a composition with S & S. —not so Brilliant as P. & P — nor so equal as MP. — PreferredEmma herself to all the heroines. — The Characters likeall the others admirably well drawn & supported perhaps rather leſs strongly marked than some, butonly the more natural for that reason. — Mr . KnightleyMrs . Elton & Miſs Bates her favourites. — Thought one ortwo of the conversations too long. —

Mrs . Lefroy preferred it to MP — but liked MP. theleast of all.

Mr . Fowle — read only the first & last Chapters, becausehe had heard it was not interesting.

Mrs . Lutley Sclater — liked it very much, better thanMP — & thought I had "brought it all about verycleverly in the last volume."

Mrs . C. Cage wrote thus to Fanny —"A great many thanks for the loan ofEmma, which I am delighted with. I like it better than any. Everycharacter is thoroughly kept up & I must enjoy reading it again withCharles. Miſs Bates is incomparable, but I was [...]nearly1 killed withthose precious treasures! — They are Unique, & really with morefun than I can expreſs. I am at Highbury all day, & I ca'nt help feeling I have just got into a new set of acquaintance.No one writes such good sense & so very comfortable.


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