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our Hill, our health-breathing Hill. –"In ascending, they paſsed the Lodge-Gates of Sanditon House, & saw the top of the House itself among its Groves. It was thelast Building of former Days old erection in that lineof the Parish. A little higher up, the Mo::dern began; & in croſsing the Down, a Prospect House, a Bellevue Cottage, & a Denham Place were to be looked at by Charlottewith the calmneſs of amused Curiosity, & to be watched by Mr . Parker their d by Mr . P.Parker with the eager eye which hoped to see scarcely anyempty houses. — More Bills at the Windowthan he had calculated reckoned on; – fewer and asmaller shew of company on the Hill — Fewer Carriages, fewer Walkers. He had fancied it just the time of day for them to beall returning from their Airings to dinnerBut but there were the Sands the Sands& the Terrace always attracted some –.and the Tide must beflowing .1 about half - Tide –.now.2 in. – He longed tobe on the Sands, the Cliffs,at his own House,& every where out of his House.at once. His Spiritsrose with the very sight of the Sea & he cd -couldalmost feel his Ancle getting stronger already. –Trafalgar House, on the most elevated Spoton the Down was a light of any, was an elegant Building, standing separated from the Down only by a in a small Lawn witha very young plantationrounds over it,


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