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Females in elegant white were actually tobe seen with their books & camp-stools —and in turning the corner of the Baker'sshop, the sound of a Harp might be heard from through the upper open Casement. — Suchsights & sounds were highly Bliſsful exhilarating toMr . P.Parker — Not that he had any personalconcern in the succeſs of the Village itself; forconsidering it as too remote from the Beach,he had done nothing there — but it was a most valuable proof of the increasing fashion of the place altogether. If the Village could attract, the Hill might must benearly full. — He anticipated an amazing Season. — At the same time last year, (late in July) there had not been a single Lodger in the Village! — nor did he remem::ber anyduring the whole Summer Season, excepting one family of children who came from Londonfor sea air after the hooping Cough, and butwhose Motherwould not let them be cd .could not bear to have them nearer,1the shore for fear of their tumbling in. —"Civilization, Civilization indeed! – criedMr . P —Parker, delighted —. Look my dear Mary –Look at William old Heeley's windows. – Blue Shoes, & nankin Boots! — Who wd .would haveexpected such a sightat a Shoemaker's in old Sanditon! —This is new within the month. There was no blue Shoe when  we paſsed this way a month ago. — Glorious indeed! – Well, I think I havedone something in my Day. — Now, for


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