1 [ p.6 ]

in the Parish I aſsure you." 

"Excuse me Sir — replied the other. I am sorry to have the appearanceof contradicting you — but though eitherfrom the extent of the Parish or some other cause you may not beaware of the fact; Stay — Can I bemistaken in the place? — Am I notin Willingden? – Is not this Willingden?"

"Yes Sir, this is certainly Willingden."

"Then Sir, I can bring proof of yourhaving a Surgeon in the Parish –.whether you may know it or not. HereSir – (taking out his Pocket book –) if you will do me the favour of casting your eye over these advertisements, which I cut out myself from the Morning Post & the Kentish Gazette,only yesterday morng .morning in London – I think you will be convinced that I am not speaking at random. You will find it an advertisement Sir,of the diſsolution ofa Partnershipin the Medical Line  in yourown Parish — extensive Busineſs — unde::niable Character — respectable references —wishing to form a separate Establishment

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