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not seem at present in a the bestfavourable poſsible state for1 my getting up to his house myself, I will thank you to send off one of these good People for the Surgeon." "The SurgeonSir! — replied Mr . Heywood — I am afraidyou will find no Surgeon at hand here, but I dare say we shall do very wellwithout him. any." — "Nay Sir, his Partnerif he is not in the way, his Partnerwill do just as well — orrather better —. I wd .would rather see his Partner indeed —I would prefer the attendance of have his Partner. by prefer::ence. – One of these good people can will bewith him there in three minutes I am sure. I need not ask whether I see the House; (looking towards the Cottage).for Excepting your own, we have paſsed none in this place, which can bethe Abode of a Gentleman."

Mr . H.Heywood looked very much astonished& replied "What Sir! are you expectingto find a Surgeon in that Cottage? We have neither Surgeon nor Partner


'f' of 'for' written over and replaces a dash. Back to context...
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