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before she drew up towards Mr . Edward'sdoor. — Mr . E. lived in the best house in the Street, & the best in the place, if Mr . Tomlinsontown, if the Bankermight be indulged in calling his newly erected onenew HouseHouse at the end of the Townwith a shrubbery & sweep in the Country, whichhowever was not often granted.  — Mr . E.sHouse  was higher than most of its neighbours was of a dull brick colour, & an high with two windows on each side the door, &Elevation — a flight of stone steps to the Door, five the windows guarded by a chain & green & two windows flight of stone steps with posts & chain  the door approached white posts, & a chain, divided by a flight ofstone steps. — "Here we are — said Eliz:Elizabethas the Carriage ceased moving — safely ar::rived; – & by the Market Clock, we have beenonly five & thirty minutes coming. —whichI think is doing pretty well, tho'though it would benothing for Penelope. — Is not it a niceprettTown? — The Edwards' have a noble houseyou see, & They live quite in stile.1I aſsureyou. The door will be opened by a Manin Liverywith& a powder'dpowdered head, I can tell you."

Emma had seen the Edwardses onlyone morng .morning at Stanton, they were thereforeall but Strangers to her, & tho'though her spiritswere by no means insensible to the


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