2 [p.2]

"We must not all expect to be individually luckyreplied Emma. The Luck of one memberof a Family is Luck to all. —" "Mine is allto come I am sure — said Eliz:Elizabeth giving anothersigh to the remembrance of Purvis. — I havebeen unlucky enough, & I cannot say muchfor you, as my Aunt married again so fool:=islyhly1. — Well — you will have a good BallI dare say. The next turning will bring usto the Turnpike. You may see the Church Tower over the hedge, &the White Hart Town Hall isclose by it. — I shall long to know what youthink of Tom Musgrave." Such were thelast audible sounds of Miſs Watson's voice,before they paſsed thro'through the Turnpike gate& entered on the pitching of the Townthe jumbling & noise of which made far::ther Conversation most thoroughly undesira::ble. —The old Mare trotted heavily stupidly on,wanting no direction of the reins to takethe right Turning, & making only one Blunder, in proposing to stop at the Mil::leners,


Originally 'fool:|:isly'; 'hly' written over 'ly'. Back to context...
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