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Croydonnow than he did last March. — He willnever marry unleſs he can marry some-:body very great; Miſs Osborne perhaps,or something in that stile. –" "Your ac::count of this Tom Musgrave, Elizabeth,gives me very little inclination for hisacquaintance." "You are afraid of him,I do not wonder at you." & well you may. — "No indeed — I dislike& despise him." — "Dislike & Despise TomMusgrave! No, that you never can. I defy you not to be delighted with himif he takes notice of you. – I hope he willdance with you — & I dare say he will,unleſs the Osbornes come with a largeparty, & then he will not speak to anybody else. " "He seems to have mostengaging manners! – said Emma. – Well,we shall see how irresistable Mr . TomMusgrave& I find each other. — I supposeI shall know him as soon as I enter the Ball-room; – he must carry some ofhis Charms in his face." —"You will notfind him in the Ball room I can tell you,

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