stood by him still preſsing him to eat anddrink a little more. "And now my good Sir, saidMr Webb, when Mr Gower's repast was concluded, what else can we do to contribute to your happi::neſs and expreſs the Affection we bear for you. Tell us what you wish more to receive; and depend upon our gratitude for the communication of yourwishes." "Give me then your house & Grounds;I ask for nothing else." "It is yours, exlaimedboth at once; from this moment it is yours." This Agreement concluded on and the present accepted byMr Gower, Mr Webb rang to have the Carriageordered, telling William at the same time tocall the young Ladies.

"Best of Men, said Mrs Webb, we will not longintrude upon your Time."

"Make no Apologies dear Madam, replied Mr Gower, You are welcome to stay this half hour if you like it."

They both burst forth into raptures of Admiration

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