it in great distreſs. They had been reduced to a stateof absolute dependance on some relations, who though very opulent, and very nearly connected with them, had with difficulty been prevailed on to contributeanything towards their Support. Mrs Wynne was fortunately spared the knowledge & participationof their distreſs, by her release from a painfulillneſs a few months before the death of her hus::band. —. The eldest daughter had been obliged to accept the offer of one of her cousins to equipher for the East Indies, and tho'though infinitely againsther inclinations had been neceſsitated to embracethe only poſsibility that was offered to her, ofa Maintenance; Yet it was one, so oppositeto all her ideas of Propriety, so contrary to her Wishes,. so repugnant to her feelings, that shewould almost have preferred Servitude to it, had Choice been allowed her —. Her personal Attractionshad gained hera husband as soon as she had ar::rived at Bengal, and she had now been married nearly a twelvemonth. Splendidly, yet unhappilymarried. United to a Man of double of1 her own age, whose disposition was not amiable, and whose


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