some difficulty in prevailing on herself even to satisfythe curiosity certainty I dare say she feels of beholding you,at the expence of quitting those favourite hauntsof Di[..]ſsipation1, for the melancholy tho'though venerablegloom of the castle you inhabit. Perhaps howeverif she finds her health impaired by too much a::musement, she may acquire fortitude sufficient toundertake a Journey to Scotland in the hope of its prov::ing at least beneficial to her health, if not conduciveto her happineſs. Your fears I am sorry to say, con::cerning your father's extravagance, your own fortunes,your Mothers Jewels and your Sister's consequence, Ishould suppose are but too well founded. My freindherself has four thousand pounds, and will proba::bly


'ſs' appear to be written over at least two erased letters, possibly suggesting an initial spelling mistake. Back to context...
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