"Good God! (said I) you dont say so? why whatin the name of Heaven will become of all the Victuals! We shall never be able to eat it whileit is good. However, we'll call in the Surgeon tohelp us –. I shall be able to manage the Sir-loinmyself; my Mother will eat the soup, and Youand the Doctor must finish the rest." Here Iwas interrupted, by seeing my poor Sister falldown to appearance Lifeleſs upon one of the Chests, where we keep our Table linen. I im--mediately called my Mother and the Maids, andat last we brought herse1 to herself again; as soonas ever she was sensible, she expreſsed a de--termination of goinginstantly to Henry, and was so verywildly2bent on this Scheme, that we had the greatest Difficulty in the World to prevent her putting it in


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