Lesley Castlean unfinished Novel in Letters.

Letter The first is from

Miſs Margaret Lesley to Miſs Charlotte Lutterell.

Lesley-Castle JanryJanuary 3d  – 1792.

My Brother has just left us. "Matilda (saidhe at parting) you and Margaret will I am certaintake all the care of my dear little one, that shemight have received from an indulgent, an affectionatean amiable Mother." Tears rolled down his Cheeksas he spoke these words — the remembrance of herwho had so wantonly disgraced the Maternal cha--racter and so openly violated the conjugal Duties,prevented his adding anything farther; he embracedhis sweet Child and after saluting Matilda & Mehastily broke from us – and seating himself in his Chaise, pursued the road to Aberdeen. Never was

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