the object of your tenderest affection?"

  "You are too ridiculous (said Augusta) toargue with; perhaps however you may intime be convinced that" ....

Here I was prevented interrupted from hearing theremainder of her Speech, by the appearance ofa very Handsome young Woman, who was ushured into the Room at the Door of whichI had been listening. On hearing her announcedby the Name of "Lady Dorothea", I instantlyquitted my Post and followed her into the Parlour, for I well remembered that she wasthe Lady, proposed as a Wife for my Edwardby the Cruel and Unrelenting Baronet.

Altho'Although Lady Dorothea's visit was nomi::nally to Philippa and Augusta, yet I havesome reason to imagine that (acquainted withthe Marriage and arrival of Edward) to see me

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