myself.(said Edward). Support! What support will Laurawant which she can receive from him?"

"Only those very insigificant ones of Victuals and Drink." (answered she.)

" Victuals and Drink! (replied my Husbandin a most nobly contemptuous Manner) anddost thou then imagine that there is no othersupport for an exalted Mind (such as is myLaura's) than the mean and indelicate em::ployment of Eating and Drinking?"

"None that I know of, so efficacious." (returned replied Augusta)

"And did you then never feel thepleasing Pangs of Love, Augusta? (replied myEdward). Does Did it appear impoſsible to yourvile and corrupted Vulgar Palate, to exist on Love? Canyou not conceive the Luxury of living inevery Distreſs thant1 Poverty can inflict, with


'than' transformed to 'that' by overwriting of 'n'. Back to context...
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