in her Manners and Address to me when wefirst met which should have Distinguishedour introduction to each other –. Her Languagewas neither warm, nor affectionate, her expreſsi::ons of regard were neither animated nor cor::dial; her arms were not opened to receiveme to her Heart, tho'though my own were extendedto preſs her to mine.

A short Conversation between Augustaand her Brother, which I accidentally overheard encreased my Dislike to her, and convinced methat her Heart was no more formed for thesoft ties of Love than for the endearing in::tercourse of Freindship.

"But [..]do1 you think that my Fatherwill ever be reconciled to this imprudent connec::tion?" (said Augusta.)

"Augusta (replied the noble Youth) Ithought you had a better opinion of me, than


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