my Mother and my Isabel, I accompaniedEdward to his Aunt's in Middlesex. Philippareceived us both with every expreſsion ofaffectionate Love. My arrival was indeeda most agreable surprize to her as she hadnot only been totally ignorant of my Marriagewith her Nephew, but had never even had the not even theslightest idea of there being such a person in the World.

Augusta, the sister of Edward was ona visit to her when we arrived. Her I foundher exactly what her Brother had describedher to be — of the middle size. She receivedme with equal surprize though and not withequal Cordiality, as Philippa. There was a Disagreable Coldneſs and Forbidding Reservein her reception of me which was equally Distreſsing and Unexpected. None of thatinteresting Sensibility or amiable Simpathy

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