Frederic Mountague.

Sir William was about 17 when his Fatherdied, & left him a handsome fortune, an ancient House & a Park well stocked with Deer. Sir Williamhad not been long in the poſseſsion of his Estatebefore he fell in Love with the 3 Miſs Cliftons ofKilhoobery Park. These young Ladies were allequally young, equally handsome, equally rich &equally amiable – Sir William was equally in Love with them all, & knowing not which toprefer, he left the Country & took Lodgings in asmall Village near Dover.

In this retreat, to which he had retiredin the hope of finding a shelter from the Pangsof Love, he became enamoured of with a young Widowof Quality, who came for change of air to the same Village, after the death of a Husband, whom she hadalways tenderly loved & now sincerely lamented.

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