"Why to tell you the truth my Love, repliedRebecca, I have lately taken it into myhead to think (perhaps with little reason)that my complexion is by no means e::qual to the rest of my face & have thereforetaken, as you see, to white & red paint whichI would scorn to use on any other occasion asI hate art."

Charlotte, who perfectly understood the mean::ing of her freind's speech, was too goodtemper'd& obliging to refuse her, what she knew shewished, — a compliment; & they parted thebest freinds in the world.

With heavy [..]a heavy1 heart & streaming Eyesdid she ascend the lovely vehicle * whichbore her from her freinds & home; but greived as she was, she little thoughtof in2 what a strange & different manner

*a post chaise.


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