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awkwardneſs of giving Informationof this sort to one of the Parties You can be at no loſs to understandme — It was very confidently said thatMr . Elliot — that everything was settledin the family for an Union betweenMr . Elliot — & yourself. It was addedthat you were to live at Kellynch — that Kellynch was to be given up.This, the Admiralknew could not be cor::rect — But it occurred to him thatit might be the wish of the PartiesAnd my commiſsion from him Madam, is to say, that if the Family-wish is such, his the Lease ofKellynch shall be cancel'dcancelled, & he & my Sister will provide themselves with another home, without imagining themselves to be doing anythingwhich under in similar circumstances wd .would not be done for them. This is all Madam. — A very few words in reply from you will besufficient. — That I should be theperson required to commiſsioned onthis subject is extraordinary! – and beleive me Madam, it is no leſspainful. — A very few words howeverwill put an end to the awkwardneſs& distreſs we may both be feeling."

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