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enough in themselves — and theirin::marriage, instead of being depriveding1her of onefreindtheby Anne's marriage, itgained her another secured her two.When they had any home, shewas frequently w She was one oftheir first visitors in their settledLife — and Capt.Captain Wentworth, byputting her in the way of reco::vering her Husband'sthe property in the W.West Indies,by giving her the writing for her, & acting for her, & seeing her throughall the petty Difficulties of the case,with the activity & exertion of afearleſs friendMan, & a determinedfriend, convinced her of hisbeing much nearer Perfectionthan her intercourse with theWorld had fully requited theservices she had rendered, or hadevermeant to render her friend, to hisWifeand could not fail of And having received such fre abenefit fromestablishing his And having done him, not even his wife couldso much for her, scarcely couldMrs . Smith's estimate of his Perfections couldhis wife even think him nearerbe surpaſsed only by that Wife's.perfection, —

Finis.July 16. 1816.


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