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to offer in return for all the Worth & all the prompt wel::come which met her in his Bro::thers & Sisters, was a source ofas lively pain, to her fel Mind of Upright Delicacy, as her Mind it could wellbe sensible of, under circumstancesof otherwise strong felicity. — Shehad but toowo1 friends in the World, independant of himself, whom she to add to his List, Lady R.Russel& Mrs . Smith. — Lady R. To thesehowever, he was very well-disposedto attach himself. Lady RRussel in::spite of all her former transgreſsions, he could now value from hisheart; — while he was not obligedto say that he beleived her to beenhave2been right inoriginally dividing them, he wasready to sayalmost anything else in herfavour; — & as for Mrs . Smith,she had agreablenſs claims ofvarious kinds to recommend herquickly & — permanently. — Her recentgood offices by Anne had been


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