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Mrs . Augusta Bramstone — owned that she thought S. & S. — and P. & P. downright nonsense, but expected to like MP. better, & havingfinished the 1st vol.volume — flattered herself she had got through the worst.

The families at Deane — all pleased with it. — Mrs . Anna Harwooddelighted with Mrs . Norris & the green Curtain.

The Kintbury Family — very much pleased with it; — preferred itto either of the others.

Mr . Egerton the Publisher — praised it for it's Morality, & forbeing so equal a composition. — no weak parts.

Lady Rob: Kerr wrote — "You may be aſsured I read every line withthe greatest interest pleasure & am more delighted with it than my humblepen can expreſs. The excellent delineation of Character, sound sense, Elegant Language & the pure morality with which it abounds, makes it a most very desirable as well as useful work, & reflects the highest honour &c &c. — Universally admired in Edinburgh, by all the wise ones. — Indeed,I have not heard a single fault given to it." —

Miſs Sharpe — "I think it excellent — & of its' good sense & moral Tendencythere can be no doubt. – Your Characters are drawn to the Life — sovery, very natural & just — but as you beg me to be perfectly honest,I must confeſs I prefer P. & P." —

Mrs . Carrick. — "All who think deeply & feel much will give the Preference to Mansfield Park."

Mr . J. Plumptre. — "I never read a novel which interested me so very much throughout, the characters are all so remarkably well kept up & so well drawn, & the plot is so well contrived that I had not anidea till the end which of the two wd .would marry Fanny, H. C. or Edmd .Mrs . Norris amused me particularly, & Sir Thos . is very clever, &his conductit1 proves admirably the defects of the modern systemof Education." — Mr . J. P. made two objections, but only one of themwas remembered, the want of some character more striking & interestingto the generality of Readers, than Fanny was likely to be:

Sir James Langham & Mr . H. Sanford, having been told that it wasmuch inferior to P. & P. – began it expecting to dislike it, but were


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