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Opinions of Mansfield Park. —

"We certainly do not think it as a whole, equal to P. & P. — but it hasmany & great beauties. Fanny is a delightful Character! and Aunt Norrisis a great favourite of mine. The Characters are natural & well sup--ported, & many of the Dialogues excellent. — You need not fear thepublication being considered as discreditable to the talents of it's Author."

 F. W. A.

Not so clever as P. & P. — but pleased with it altogether. Liked thecharacter of Fanny. Admired the Portsmouth Scene. —

Mr . K. —

Edward & George. — Not liked it near so well as P. & P. —Edward admired Fanny — George disliked her. — George interestedby nobody but Mary Crawford. — Edward pleased with Henry C. —Edmund objected to, as cold & formal. — Henry C.s going offwith Mrs . R – at such a time, when so much in love with Fanny,thought unnatural by Edward. —

Fanny Knight. — Liked it, in many parts, very much indeed,delighted with Fanny; — but not satisfied with the end — wantingmore Love between her & Edmund — & could not think it naturalthat Edmd . shd . be so much attached to a woman without Principlelike Mary C. — or promote Fanny's marrying Henry.

Anna liked it better than P. & P. – but not so well as S. & S. —could not bear Fanny. — Delighted with Mrs . Norris, the sceneat Portsmouth, & all the humourous parts. —

Mrs . James Austen, very much pleased. Enjoyed Mrs . Norrisparticularly, & the scene at Portsmouth. 1Thought Henry Crawford'sgoing off with Mrs . Rushworth, very natural.

Miſs Clewes's objections much the same as Fanny's.

Miſs Lloyd preferred it altogether to either of the others. Delighted with Fanny. — Hated Mrs . Norris.


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