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" I do not mean to distreſs you, but you knowevery body must think her an old fool. —Hide Patch

I thought Turner had been reckoned an extra==ordinary sensible, clever man. – How the Devilcame he to leave make such a will?" — "My Uncle’s sense is not at all impeached in my o::pinion, by his attachment to my Aunt. Shehad been an excellent wife to him. The most Liberal & enlightened minds are always the mostconfiding. — The event has been unfortunate, for me, but my Uncle’s memory is if poſsible endeared tome by such a proof of tender respect for my Aunt." — "That’s odd sort of Talking! – Hemight have provided decently for his widow,without leaving every thing that he had to dispose of, or any part of it it all at her mercy. —" "My Aunt may have erred – said Emma warmly —she has erred — but my Uncle’s conduct wasfaultleſs. I was her own Neice, & he left toherself the power & the pleasure of providing forme." — "But unluckily she has left the pleasureof providing for you, to your Father,1& withoutthe power. — That’s the long & the short of thebusineſs. After keeping you at a distance from your family for such a 14 years length of time as mustdo away all natural affection among us & breeding youup (I suppose) in a superior stile, you arereturned upon their hands without a sixpence." "You know, replied Emma struggling with hertears, my Uncle’s melancholy state of health. –He was a greater Invalid than my father. He cd .couldnot leave home." "I do not mean to make you cry. –said Robt .Robert rather softened — & after a short silence,by way of changing the subject, he added

— "I am just come from my Father’s room, heseems very indifferent. It will be a sad break--up when he dies. Pity, you can none of youget married! — You must come to Croydon as well as the rest, & see what you can do there. –I beleive if Margt .Margaret had had a thousand or fifteenhundred pounds, there was a young manwho wd .would havethought of her." Emma was glad when they were joined by the others; it was better to look at her Sister in law’s finery, than listen to Robert, who her brother –.had equally mortified, irritated & greived her. — Mrs . Robert exactly as smart as she had been ather own party, came in with apologies for herdreſs — "I would not make you wait, said she,so I put on the first thing I met with. — I amafraid I am a sad figure. – My dear Mr . W. – (to herhusband) you have not put any fresh powderin your hair." — "No — I do not intend it. — I thinkthere is powder enough in my hair for my wife& Sisters. —" "Indeed you ought to make somealteration in your dreſs before dinner whenyou are out visitting, tho’though if you do not at home." "Nonsense. –" "It is very odd you should not liketo do what other gentlemen too do. Mr .. Marshall &


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