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a favourite with me. – I have had some pleasanthours enough at Speculation in my time – butI have not played at been in the way of it now fora long while. — Vingt-un is the game at Os::borne Castle; I have played nothing but Vingt--un of late. You would be astonished to hear thenoise we make there. – The fine old, Lofty Drawing -room rings again. LyLady Osborne sometimes de==clares she cannot hear herself speak. — Ld.Lord Osborneenjoys it famously amazingly &1 he makes the best Dealerwithout exception that I ever sawbeheld2 in the world — such quickneſs & spirit!;3 he letsnobody dream over their cards. it. — I wish you could seehim overdraw himself deal himself on bothhis own cards — it isworth any thing in the world! —" "Dear me! —cried Margt .Margaret why should not we play at vingt un? –I think it isa much better game than Speculation.I cannot say I am very fond of Speculation." Mrs . Robert said offered withdrew not another word in sup::port of the game. — She was quite vanquished, & the Osborne Castle carried it, Croydon fashions of Osborne- even in her estimation Castle carried it over the thosefashionsof Croydon. – T.Tom Musgrave was a very most useful ad::dition; without him, it would have been aHide Patch

"Do you see much of the Parsonage-family at theCastle, Mr .. Musgrave? —" said Emma, as while they weretaking their seats. —"Oh! yes they are almost always there.Mrs .. Blake is a nice little goodhumoured Woman, She & I are gre sworn friends; & Howard’s a very Gentlemanlike good sort of fellow! — You are notforgotten I aſsure you by any of them party. I fancyyou must have a little cheek-glowing now &then Miſs Emma. .4 Were not you rather warm last Sa::turday about 9 or 10 o’clock in the EvengEvening —?I will tell you how it was. – I see you are dieingto know. – Says Howard Ld .Lord Osborne to Ld .Lord Osborne —" Howard. At this interesting moment he was called on interrupted bythe others, to regulate the game & determine some dis::putable point; & his attention was so totally engagedin & afterwards by the course of the gamethe busineſs as never to revert to what he had beensaying before; – & Emma could not remind him, tho’thoughsuffering a good deal from Curiosity, dared could notremind him. — He proved a very useful addition to at their Table; without him, it wd .would have been a

party of such very near relations as could must cd .could have felt little deadened the Interest, & perhaps maintained little even impaired thecomplaisance, of the players but his presencegave variety & secured good manners. — He


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