a bason of Soup, and do not forget some Jellies and Cakes." Then turning to Mr Gower, & taking out aher1purse, "Accept this my good Sir, —. Beleive me youare welcome to everything that is min2 my powerto bestow. – I wish my purse were weightier, butMr Webb must make up my deficiences –. I knowhe has cash in the house to the amount of an hun::dred pounds, which he shall bring you immedi::ately." Mr Gower felt overpowered by her generosityas he put the purse in his pocket, and from the ef:: exceſsfusions of his Gratitude, could scarcely expreſs himselfintelligibly when he accepted her offer of a[...]the3 hun::dred pounds. Mr Webb soon entered the room, andrepeated every protestation of Freindship & Cordialitywhich his Lady had already made. – before expreſsed. The Chocolate, The Sandwiches, the Jellies, the Cakes, the Ice, and the Soup soon made their appearance, and Mr Gowerhaving tasted something of all, and pocketted the rest, was conducted into the dining parlour, wherehe eat a most excellent Dinner & partook of themost exquisite Wines, while Mr and Mrs Webb


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