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Mother to the Manwho whom shewas continually seeing securingthe that happineſs of her other Child.Of all the family, Mary was probablythe one most immediately gratifiedby when the circumstance. — It was cre::ditable to have a Sister married,andshe might flatter herself that it had she been at her house, that it hadbeen greatly instrumental to the connection it,1 byhaving Anne staying to stay with her inthe Autumn; & as her own Sistermust be better than her Husbands Sisters, it was very agreable to herthat Captn .Captain WWentworth should be aricher Man than either Capt.Captain B.Benwickeor Charles Hayter. — She had some::thing to suffer perhaps whenthey came into contact to be together again,in seeing Anne restored to therights of Seniority & the Mistreſsof a very pretty Landaulet butshe had a future to look forwardto, of powerful consolation — Annehad no Uppercroſs Hall before her,no Landed Estate, no Headship


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