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Jan:January 27. –1817.


 A Gentleman & Lady travelling from Tun-bridge towards that part of the Suſsex Coast which lies between Hastings & E.EastBourne, being induced by Busineſs to quit were, on quitting the highroad, & toil toilingattempt a very rough Lane up a very long steep hillwere through a rough Lane,1 overturned intoiling up its' long ascenthalf rock, half sand. – The accidenthappened just beyond the only Gentleman's House near the Lanea the House, whichtheir Driver on beingfirst required to take turn thatdirection, way, had conceived to be neceſsarily theirobject, & had with most unwilling Looksbeen constrained to paſs by . two minutesHe had grumbled, & shaken his Shoulders before grumbling so much indeed, & looking  and pitied & cut so black, & pitying & cutting his Horses sosharply much; that he might have been open to the suspicion of overturning them on pur::pose (especially as the Carriage was not his Masters notthe Gentleman's2 own) if the roadhad notindisputably & evidently become considerably much worse than before, as soon as thepremises of the said House were paſsed left behind — saying expreſsing, with a as Bad as it had  most intelligent  portentous and seeming been before – the Change seemed to say,countenance that beyond it no wheels but cartwheels could safely proceed. coul ever thought of proceeding.

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she was become that Lovelineſs was   complete.


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