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afraid it will not be for your happineſs.Penelope will laugh at you very much." "That will not be for my happineſs I amsure. — If my opinions are wrong, I must endeavour to correct them — if they are a::bove my Situation, I must endeavour toconceal them. — But I doubt whether Ridi:-cule, Has Penelope much wit? —" "Yes – she has great spirits, & never careswhat she says." "Margaret is more gen::tle I imagine?" —"Yes –especially in company; sheis all gentleneſs & mildneſs when anybodyis by. – But she is a little fretful & perverse has a good deal of spirit a::mong ourselves. – Poor Creature! –sheMargaret is poſseſsedwith the notion of Tom Musgrave's beingmore seriously in love with her, than he everwas with any body else, & is always ex::pecting him to come to the point. Thisis the second timewithin this twelvemonth that she has gone tospend a month with Robert & Janeon purpose to egg him on, by her ab::sence — but I am sure she is mistaken,& that he will no more follow her to

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