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doubt of my having promised the Adml .Admiral Croft to speak to you on someparticular Subject — & this convictiondetermines me to do it — so —. howeverrepugnant to my feelings — to allmy sense of propriety1, to be takingso great a liberty. — You will ac::quit me of Impertinence I trust;by considering me as speakingonly foranother, & speaking by Neceſsity; —and the Adml .Admiral is a Man who cannever be thought Impertinent byone who knows him as you do –His Intentions are always the kind::est & the Best; and you will perceive that he is actuated by none other, in the application which I amnow with — with very peculiarfeelings — obliged to make." —He stopped — but merely to recoverbreath; — not seeming to expect anyanswer. — Anne listened, as if her Life depended on the iſsue of his Speech. — He proceeded, with a veryforced alacrity. –"The Adml -.Admiral, Madam, was this morning confidently informedthat you were upon my wordI am quite at a loſs, really ashamed — (breathing & speaking quick) — the


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