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Mrs. Smith's enjoyments were not spoiledby this improvement of Income,with someimprovement of health, & the acquisition ofsuch friends to be often with, for her Chearfulneſs & mental Activity did notfail her, & while those prime supplies of Good remained, she might have bid de::fiance even to greater acceſsions ofworldly Prosperity. She might have beenabsolutely rich & perfectly healthy, & yetbe happy. —Her spring of Felicity was inthe glow of her spirits — as her friendAnne's was in the warmth of her Heart. — Anne 's was Tenderneſs itself; —andshe had all thefull worth of it in Capt:n -CaptainWentworth's affection. His Profeſsionwas all that could ever make her friendswish that Tenderneſs leſs; athe dread of afuture War, all that could dim overspreadher Sunshine. — She gloried in being a Sailor's wife, but she must pay thetax of quick alarm, for belonging tothat Profeſsion which is not more distinguished — if poſsible — moredistinguished in it's for Domestic Virtues,than in it's for National Importance. Renown.

FinisJuly 18. — 1816.
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