the reward for all the cares I have taken inyour Education; for all my troubles & Anxieties; and Heaven knows how many they have been! All I wished for, was to breed you up virtuously; I never wanted you to play uponthe Harpsichord, or draw better than any one else; but I had hoped to see you respectable and good; to see you able & willing to giveany 1 example of Modesty and Virtue to the Young people here abouts. I bought you Blair'sSermons, and Cœlebs in Search of a Wife Seccar's explanation of the Catechism,I gave you the key to my own Library, and borrowed a great many good books of my Neighbours for you, all to this purpose. ButI might have spared myself the trouble  Oh! Catherine, you are an abandoned Creature, and I do not know what will become of you. I am glad however, she continued softening intosome degree of Mildneſs, to see that you have


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