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by two Ladies whose arrival made analteration neceſsary, Lady Denham & MiſsBrereton. — They had been to Trafalgar House,& had been whence they were directedthence to the Library,& though her having walked a good mile was Lady D.Denham was a great deal too active to regard the walk of a mile as anything requiring rest, & talked of going home againdirectly, the Parkers knew that to be preſsedinto their House, & obliged to take her Tea with them, would suit her best, — &therefore the stroll on the Cliff gave wayto an immediate return home. — "No, no,said her Ladyship — I will not have you hurryyour Tea on my account. – I know youlike your Tea late. – My early hours are notto put my Neighbours to inconvenience.No, no, Miſs Clara & I will get back toour own Tea. – We came out with noother Thought. — We wanted just to seeyou our good Neighbours,& make & be sure of youur theirbeing really come —, but we get back toour own Tea. " – She went on howevertowards Trafalgar House & took poſseſsionof the Drawing roomvery quietly without any other species of opposition without seeming tohear a word of Mrs . P.'sParker's orders to the Ser::vant as they entered, to bring Tea directly.Charlotte was fully consoled for the loſs

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