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A week or ten days rolled quietly away after      after this visit, this visit, at Stanton Parsonage before anynew bustle arose to interrupt even for half aday, the tranquil & affectionate intercourse of the two Sisters, whose mutual regard for each other was in::creasing with the intimate knowledge of each other whichsuch intercourse produced. — The first circum::stance to break inon this serenity, was the receiptof a letter from Croydon to announce the speedyreturn of Margaret, & a visit of two or three daysfrom Mr . & Mrs . Robert Watson who undertookto bring her home& wished to see their Sister Emma..1 — It was an expectation tofill the thoughts of the Sisters at hom Stanton, &to busy employ the Corp time hoursoreal powers of one of themat least — for as Jane had been a woman offortune, the preparations for her entertain::ment were considerable, & as Eliz:Elizabeth had at alltimes more good will than method in herguidance of the house, shecould make no changewithout a Bustle. — An absence of 14. years Emma had not heardhad made all her Brothers & Sisters anything of Margaret to make Strangers toEmma, but in her expectation of Margaretthere was more than the awkwardneſs of suchan Alienation; she had heard things which made


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