2 [p.7]

I think Mary, said he hastily –. Mr . Sam.Watson is a very good sort of young man, &I dare say a very clever Surgeon, but to compare a young Lady to a Man his whose com::plexion has been rather toois pretty much exposed to all weathers,to make a likeneſs to him very flattering."Mary apologized in some confusion. "She had did notthought think a strong degree of Likeneſs at all incom::patible with very different degrees of Beauty. –There might be resemblance in Countenance;& the complexion, & even the features be veryunlike." — "I know nothing of my Brother's Beauty, said Emma, for I have not seen himsince he was 7 ten years old – but let him be ever & if you do not so plain, I have you know, I have no right to refuse tell me that he is plain thereforebeing like himbut my father reckons us alike." "Mr . Watson! – cried Mr . Edwardes, Well, youastonish me. — There is not the least likeneſs inthe world; yr .Your brother's his eyes are grey, yours are brown,He has a broadlong1 face, & a wide mouth. & every feature is different. – My dear, do youperceive the least resemblance?" "Not theleast. — Miſs Emma Watson puts me very muchin mind of her eldest Sister, & sometimes I seea look of Miſs Penelope — & once or twice therehas been a glance of Mr . Robert — but I


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