within this week. – If I am as little in favour withMr . Johnson as ever, you must come to me at No . 10Wigmore St : — but I hope this may not be the case, foras Mr . Johnson with all his faults is a Man towhom that great word " Respectable" is always given, & I am known to be so intimate with his wife, hisslighting me has an awkward Look. — I take Town in my way to that insupportable spot, a Coun::try Village, for I am really going to Churchill. — Forgive me my dear friend, it is my last resource. Were there another place in England open to me,I would prefer it. — Charles Vernon is my aversion,& I am afraid of his Wife. — At Churchill however I must remain till I have something better in veiw. My young Lady accompanies me to Town,where I shall deposit her under the care of Miſs Summers in Wigmore Street, till she becomes a little more reasonable. She will make good connections there,as the Girls are all of the best Families. – The price is

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