Such was Camilla Stanley; and Catherine, who was prejudiced by her appearance, and who fromher solitary Situation was ready to like anyone, tho'thoughher Understanding and Judgement would not other::wise have been easily satisfied, felt almost con::vincedwhen she saw her, that Miſs Stanley would be the very com::panion She wanted, and in some degree makeamends for the loſs of Cecilia & Mary Wynne. She therefore attached herself to Camilla from the first day of her arrival, and from being theonly young People in the house, they were by in::clination constant Companions. Kitty was her::self a great reader, tho'though perhaps not a very deep one, and felt therefore highly delighted tofind that Miſs Stanley was equally fond of it.Eager to know that their sentiments as to1 Books were similar, she very soon began questioningher new Acquaintance on the subject; but thoughshe was well read in Modern history herself, shechose rather to speak first of Books of a lighterkind, of Books universally read and Admired,.2 and that have given rise perhaps to more frequent


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