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Mrs Peterson's parlour than in her own Arbour,where Mrs Peterson for fear of its being damp never accompanied her.

As her Aunt prided herself on the exactpropriety and Neatneſs with which every thingin her Family was conducted, and had no higher Satisfaction than that of knowing her house to be always in complete order, as her fortunewas good, and her Establishment Ample, fewwere the preparations neceſsary for the recep::tion of her Visitors. The day of their arrivalso long expected, at length came, arrived, and the Noise ofthe Coach & 4 as it drove round the sweep, wasto Catherine a more interesting sound, than anthe1 Music of an Italian Opera, which to most He::roines is the hight of Enjoyment. Mr & MrsStanley were people of Large Fortune & high Fashion. He was a Member of the house and ofCommons, and they were therefore most agreablyneceſsitated to reside half the year in Town; whereMiſs Stanley had been attended by the most capital Masters from the time of her being six years old to the


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