:cal motives. There it was our freindship firstcommenced —. Isabel was then one and twenty — Tho'Though pleasing both in her Person and Manners(between ourselves) she never poſseſsed the hun::dredth part of my Beauty or Accomplishments. [.]S[.]1 Isabel had seen the World. She had paſsed 2 Years at one of the first Boarding-schools inLondon; had spent a fortnight in Bath & hadsupped slept one night in sSouthampton.

"Beware my Laura (she would often say)Beware of the insipid Vanities and idle Diſsipationsof the Metropolis of England; Beware of theunmeaning Luxuries of Bath & of the Stink::ing fish of Southampton."

"Alas! (exclaimed I) how am I to avoidthose evils I shall never be exposed to? Whatprobability is there of my ever tasting the Diſsipationsof London, the Luxuries of Bath, or the stinking Fish of Southampton? I who am doomed towaste my Days of Youth & Beauty in an


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