natural Daughter of a Scotch Peer by an italian Opera-girl — I was born in Spain & receivedmy Education at a Convent in France.

When I had reached my eighteenth Year I was recalled by my Parents to my pater::nal roof in Wales. Our mansion was situatedin one of the most romantic parts of the Valeof Uske. Tho'Though my Charms are now considerablysoftened and somewhat impaired by the Misfor::tunes I have undergone, I was once beautiful.But lovely as I was the Graces of my Person werethe least of my Perfections –. Of every accom::plishment accustomary to my sex, I was Mistreſs. – When in the Convent, my progreſshad always exceeded my instructions, my Acquirementshad been were wonderfull for my age,and Ihad shortly surpaſsed my Masters.

In my Mind, every Virtue that couldadorn it was centered; it was the Rendez-vousof every good Quality & the place of appointment

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