how happy your Letter made me; I thoughtI should have cried for Joy, for I love you betterthan any body in the World. I think you themost amiable, & the handsomest Man in England, & so to be sure you are. I never readso sweet a Letter in my Life. Do write me another just like it, & tell me you are in love with me in every other line. I quite die to see you. How shall we manage tosee one another – ? for we are so much in love that we cannot live asunder. Oh! my dear Musgrove you cannot think how impatient::ly I wait for the death of my Uncle and Aunt — If they will not die soon, I beleive I shall run mad, for I get more in lovewith you every day of my Life. How fond we shall be of one another when we are married! oh!1 do not you long for the time? How happy your Sister is to enjoy thepleasure of your Company in her house, and


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