Letter the fourth

From a young Lady rather impertinent to her freind.

We dined yesterday with Mr Evelyn where wewere introduced to a very agreable looking Girlhis Cousin. I was extremely pleased with her appearance, for added to the charms of an engaging face, her manner & voice had some::thing peculiarly interesting in them. So much so, that they inspired me with a great curiosi::ty to know the history of her Life, who wereher Parents, where she came from, and what had befallen her, for it was then only knownthat she was a relation of Mr Evelyn, and that her name was Grenville. In the evening a favourable opportunity offered to me of at::tempt[.]ing1 at least to know what I wished toknow, for every one played at Cards but MrsEvelyn, My Mother, Dr Drayton, Miſs Grenville and


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