I cannot say much for this Monarch's Sense Nor would I if I could, for he was a Lancastrian.I suppose you know all about the Wars be--tween him & the Duke of York who was of the right side; if you do not, you had better readsome other History, for I shall not be very diffuse in this, meaning by it only to vent my Spleen against, & shew my Hatred to all those people whose parties or principles do not suit with mine, & not to give information. This King married Margaret of Anjou, a Womanwhose distreſses & Misfortunes were so great as almost to make me who hate her, pity her. It was in this reign that Joan of Arc lived& made such a row among the English. Theyshould nothave burnt her — but they did. Therewere several Battles between the Yorkists &

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