Mr Cecil, the Lover of Lady Harriet, being engagedoften with the family was often with Eliza. A mutual Love took place & ElCecil1 having declared heris2first, prevailed on Eliza to consent to [...]3 a private union, which was easy to be effected,asthe dutcheſs's chaplain being likewisevery much in love with Eliza herimself4, wouldthey were certain do anything to oblige her.

The Dutcheſs & Lady Harriet beingengaged one evening to an aſsembly, they took the opportunity of their absence & wereunited by the enamoured Chaplain.

When the Ladies returned, their amaze::ment was great at finding instead of Elizathe following Note.


"We are married & gone."

"Henry & Eliza Cecil."


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